Theme 6: Chenin Blanc's taste: viewpoints of scientists, sommeliers, journalists and winemakers


  • Issues of the theme: Chenin Blanc is a polymorphic variety, sometimes shy, sometimes exuberant, a  terroir-driven varietal but also an international grape, producing both dry, sweet and sparkling white wines. This versatility can confuse the consumer and calls for a better instruction and communication around the taste of Chenin Blanc. This round table # 6 will try to better define the sensory dimensions of Chenin Blanc by bringing together different points of view; that of the consumer, the sommelier, the winemaker, the journalist, the oenologist and that of the sensory neuroscientists.


  • Expected contributions: This multidisciplinary theme will question Chenin Blanc's taste by its oenological, sensory, linguistic, gastronomic and marketing dimensions. For this theme, the presentation of work in oenology and wine chemistry, sensory analysis, wine psychology and linguistics, applied economics and marketing is therefore requested. Producers and winemakers, journalists and juries as well as sommeliers are also in demand.